Hi there, do you want to get on a roller coaster of fun and learning together? Do you want to open up new horizons of experience and activity-based learning? Are you the creative mind, the artistic mind, the musical soul? Do you know how to ride your horse and command it like Hercules the Great?

Then come and join me on the IB School Honk Kong trip, where learning knows no boundaries. Situated in the surreal landscape of the city Honk Kong is the modern school of learning, imparting value-based education for a long time.

Why us?

Here at ib school hong kong, we not only teach to prepare our students just for their academic life but also guide them to walk through all the thick and thins in life; teaching them beyond the secluded pages of books is our motto to help students look beyond the customary imagination. We aim to create the best of minds, which will work for the betterment of humanity on the whole.

How will you reach out to us?

The school is well connected to various modes of communication, i.e., telephone, mail, fax, and post, for students across pan country and internationally. It offers international school admission to the aspiring candidates’ different basis, for primary school admission is based on school entrance exams conducted by the board of school itself, and admission for middle school is confirmed in three rounds, entrance exam, group discussion, and personal interview. Once the child has cleared all the three stages, only then is he entitled to get admission. For high school admission, the final decision lies in the hands of the board of directors and marks obtained in the past years.