In Hong Kong, almost all meat shops are importing their products to sell at their shop directly to the customers. If you buy the meats from the local stores, you don’t know about the quality and origin of the meat. This is why it is best to go for the online meat shop hong kong because online meat stores give you complete information about where the meat has come from and all other information. There, all types of meats are readily accessible to get within a few hours directly to your doorstep. With this main reason, today most of the individuals start ordering meats online from their home or working place.

Choosing Eat the Kiwi:

Eat the Kiwi is the best and leading online meat shop where you can get best quality and handpicked meats of all varieties. They always stock natural meat products in their shop without adding any hormones. There, you can find high quality, freshly produced, home grown feed, lush green grass, and free range bacon, chicken, venison, beef, and also lamb live longer. All of them are healthy choices for you and also within your budget. Some of the popular meat options sold at this shop include,

  • Hellaby’s grass fed minced beef
  • Bostock brothers organic chicken
  • First light grass fed wagyu beef
  • Grass fed and free roaming beef
  • Heller’s free range bacon
  • TE MANA LAMB and etc.

The plastic packaging is not used in this shop instead they use recyclable boxes which are lined with the biodegradable wool cool to deliver to your home.