When someone purchases or rents a place, it is merely property. It does not look or feel like their abode. However, with interior design, one can make any place a home. Adding some color and a few decorations will not do, however. These days, so much is possible with residential interior design. So, here are the tips one must know about.

  1. Making it a home

Firstly, one must remember that it is their place. No hard and fast rules exist because everyone has a different taste. One can follow the latest trends on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram to get some inspiration. However, the final result should be something that pleases the people living in the placeā€”no decorations just for one’s social media feed.

  1. A mood board

One can create a mood board using pictures from different sources to gather inspiration. They can mix and match colors and create a unique theme for their aesthetic. It somewhat ensures the interior is in harmony.

  1. The clever 3 color scheme

Colour schemes play a massive role in inT design. One of the best ways is to pick three colors for a room. One can have two similar shades on the walls, blinds, curtains, etc. Decorations like lampshades, cushions, and bed quilts can add a pop of the third color.

  1. Reusing old furniture

It comes in handy when someone is renovating. One can consider changing the fabrics of sofas. They can also reuse the old rugs to create some DIY decorations. If moving to a new place, one can also resize the old furniture to fit the new place.

So, with these tips in mind, one can get on with their interior design ventures.