Raghava Lawrence and Prabhu Deva’s Style movie is a most attractive dance movie in the tamil and telugu industry. They have already proven that they are the god of dance in india. But this movie is a complete inspiration to all the dancers around the world. This movie teaches you that there are no limitations for dance. Literally nothing can stop from dancing. Keep your goal strong and have faith in your goal. The whole point of the movie is to dance with style and courage. Watch Style movie online on Aha. Online movies free is a blessing for movie buffs.


Raghava is cleaner in a dance school and he loves to dance so much and never gets a chance to prove it. He has 4 friends waho are also dancers. One among them is deaf. Raghava’s mother is alive but he doesn’t know where she is, sooalway his eyes will be looking for her. Meanwhile a hot student in the dance class will hit on him to make the other guy jealous. Raghava will get emotionally disturbaed and never trust a girl again. Simentensiously, Ganesh is an awesome dancer who was about to win a dance competition, he beats Anthony already. But jealousy arranges an accident for Ganesh just before the competition. Poor Ganesh will be helpless for his situation and gets depressed all the time. His sister Priya cheers him up to teach someone else and take them to competition. While they were on the search. Priya meets these four guys. She finally convinces them and takes them to ganesh. At first they were hopeless but later when the training begins, everything will be going good and strong. They practise harder than before and are ready to strain their bodies. They apply for the dance competition just like anthony. See the whole movie to know who will finally win the dance competition.

Artists Performance:

  • RaghavaLawrace is an all rounder, he is an excellent dancer, great director, writer and commendable actor.
  • Prabhu Deva is just the god of indian dance. He replaced michlejackson in india. His moves and dance was just an attractive audience to watch the movie again.
  • Kammaline Mukherjee has spread her charm on the screen with grace.
  • Charmee Kaur is a spark of the screen, her short and sweet role was very impressive.

Technical Aspects:

  • Dance! Dance! The whole movie was depending on the dance, moves were extremely innovative and stylish.
  • Songs! Every beat had a value. Not one beat was missed just to make sure that it’s perfect for the dance.
  • A decent enough movie to be inspired and get emotionally connected.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Raghava Lawrence

Actress: Kammaaline Mukherjee

Other Actors: Prabhu Deva, Charmee, Raja

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Story by: Raghava Lawrence

Producer: LagadapatiSirisha Sridhar

Cinematography: Kabir Lal

Other Information:

Runtime: 2hrs 39mins.

Released Date: 12 January 2006

Genre: Dance, Drama

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