Smoking is a Very common habit among teenagers and this is now a significant concern in our society. Cigarette smoking is a really dangerous habit and especially so if the smoker receives the habit at a very young age when their body is as developing. Therefore, it is extremely important to comprehend the reasons why teens are more vulnerable to cigarette smoking compared to adults. This allows parents, school authorities and the government to think of the appropriate solution to this issue.

Most Teens get their first cigarette because of the following reasons:

  1. Peer pressure: Teens are very Susceptible to the urge to seem cool and fit in with their friends. In case they belong to a group of individuals who smoke regularly, it is quite unlikely that they will remain immune to smoking. In actuality, only a individual with a whole lot of self-confidence will not capitulate to the desire to smoke. This Hookah hutt is why school authorities will need to improve their oversight to stop kids from smoking on college campuses.
  1. Wish to lose weight: Smoking has the ability to suppress the appetite. Because of this, obese adolescents may go to smoking in hopes of shedding a few pounds.
  1. Powerful advertising by tobacco Businesses: Cigarette companies spend a lot of money on advertising and they have the ability to receive heaps of role models to endorse their products. Children are completely helpless against the media onslaught and they do not have any idea about how they are manipulated.
  1. Exposure to cigarette smoking at Home: Children who grow up at home where adults smoke are extremely likely to begin smoking as well since they believe this to be a normal action. They are exposed to cigarette smoke for quite a long time and they also become attracted to its odor.

Cigarette Companies follow an arrangement of targeting teenage smokers since they are more vulnerable and because they get hooked very easily. According to a variety of studies, kids are a lot more receptive to the joys that nicotine produces. Nicotine, targets the pleasure centers of the brain, which makes the smoker feel rested. Further, people that are already undergoing hormonal alterations, similarly as teens are, are extremely likely to get hooked on nicotine. Actually, teenagers who suffer with a whole lot of depression and anger will readily go to smoking as a psychological bolster.

There are Also many tobacco free shisha online which are targeted specifically towards teens. Take hookahs, for instance. Children start smoking them since they appear to be a cool thing to do and because they are not really cigarettes. However, they quickly graduate into smoking cigarettes and this becomes a lifelong addiction.

The success Of cigarette companies’ advertising and promotion strategies is demonstrated by That 90 percent of smokers select the habit before age 19. As a Matter of fact, people rarely acquire this habit as soon as they reach adulthood as They are capable of making better choices by then. Youngsters who get hooked Upon smoking become lifetime customers of cigarette companies.