Too many, Serviced accommodation is an unknown term and this possibly owes to the fact that within the hospitality sector, it is a fairly recent idea. If a person somehow managed to inform you, rather than a hotel room you may have a complete apartment for the same price, you might believe they were scamming you. Be that as it may, this is the very fact of serviced letting. The industry grew up around private owners permitting to holiday makers wanting that little bit more flexibility and freedom.

The corporate sector soon cottoned on to the idea and an industry was conceived. Currently with 60 percent of corporate companies having travel and relocation policies set up, 73 percent of businesses worldwide use apartments rather than hotels due to their traveling employees. Even though the corporate sector has adopted the idea, it now seems that the general traveling public have very little awareness of the benefits of serviced apartment hong kong. There’s a long tradition of travelers automatically going for the resort choice, and it seems that a move in thinking is what is needed.


In this time Of eco-awareness and supportive of action, maybe the emphasis should be directed to the reduced environmental effect of a stay in an apartment. The conspicuous elements that influence the energy efficiency of a building are the elements that comprise the fabric of the structure. Energy efficiency can be accomplished here through careful choice of windows, roof construction, insulation, heating and ventilation. Maybe a more subtle approach would be take a gander in the way wherein the distance has been used by the people who occupy it. We are always fed fresh advice on how we could make savings and use less energy, and at home this generally means a little change in habit that is easy to implement.

Here there are certain constants which are not easily avoided. Heating a swimming pool, light a hallway or support area, lift performance, large scale cooking facilities and heating and ventilation systems are necessary energy consumers. With the serviced apartment alternative the supervisor or guest can track energy consumption on a single property basis and readily implement energy saving measures. There are no common areas to light and heat. Ventilation is as easy as opening a window. Water heating can be accomplished using a combi boiler that means no hot water . In actuality, for the environmentally conscious traveler serviced apartment, whether for work or recreation, the identical eco friendly steps can be implemented as could be in their own house. Camping aside, this might appear to be the green choice.